Friday, November 26, 2010

Just can't make up my mind.

I have decided to return. Turns out I couldn't make it a few months on Xanga without eventually neglecting my posts. Hah.

Every year, my high school plays football against the rival team on Thanksgiving, which has been going on for 115 years I believe. Yesterday I stepped out of the house, only to find that it was snowing here in Philly. It was a ridiculously magical moment for me, which was pretty funny in comparison to my friend's "Fuuuucckkk!" reaction.

It provided me with the feeling I have been waiting for since Spring. A feeling of comfort, possibility, and reassurance that can be found in many places, but seems to particularly resonate in the arrival of snow. I greatly look forward to a snowy December, listening to my Frank Sinatra records and drinking soy chai lattes (because to me, they taste like Christmas).

I would also like to list some things I am thankful for, as I did in my Thanksgiving post last year.
(No particular order, except the first 3. In real life even Coke couldn't come before Bob Dylan)
1. My friends and family
2. Particularly my one aunt who, during my visit to Poland this past summer, arranged for me to see my dad for the first time in 12 years.
3. The many people I was fortunate enough to meet in recent months
4. Sabra hummus
5. Coca-Cola
6. Bob Dylan
7. Pot
8. Jason Segel movies/Freaks and Geeks
9. Allen Ginsberg poems
10. The existence of nebulae
11. My english teacher
12. The art department at my school
13. Holiday dinners you genuinely like to attend
14. Little Nicky's pizzeria and their falafel
15. My record player
16. The 18 people who seem to enjoy my posts
17. Ghost Hunters/the TAPS team. Best show ever.