Sunday, December 12, 2010


Listening to The Animals' cover of House of the Rising Sun. It's... exhilerating. Vitalizing my mind, provoking my thoughts, galvanizing my sense of being. Inspiring me to.. act. Not in a theatrical, learning lines kind of way. Act as in .. taking action; doing.

Yes, I'm rambling. Rambling on. I promise you I'm not intoxicated. I'm just in a .. raw state of mind...? Lack of hesitation, just writing. Now, I know what you may be thinking, "What is the point? She's telling us her state, but is she going to use it to convey something?" And that is a great question, my dear follower.

Yes, I have a point. I'm just not quite sure of it. And isn't that it, really? Isn't the big, cosmic point supposed to be that we don't know our own point? And in a cruel irony, the attempt to discover our point is what, in the end, separates us from it.

And now, I transition into Bird of Prey by Jim Morrison, which never fails to give me the chills.

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